About Peak Airsoft

Started in 2015 as Bend’s first ever indoor arena, the ambitious dream lasted 2 years before reality kicked in and the arena had to close due to increased operational costs.

In that time, Peak Airsoft provided a fun, safe environment where people of all ages could come and play the exciting game of airsoft.  We provided open play sessions and parties for every group imaginable.

When we closed, we could have just sold all our equipment and moved onto the next project.  However, we knew we had started something special and try as we might, we couldn’t get away from the satisfaction of providing such a positive environment for people to get off the couch and move their bodies and make friends.

To that end, we have continued offering outdoor games, and the opportunity to get a group of friends, family, work colleagues, wedding party, or whoever together to play this fun, exciting game.

Peak Airsoft Waiver